Leaping Lemurs

If I were an animal (preferably a lemur) I would want to live at the San Francisco Zoo.  It’s in a quiet, peaceful little neighborhood with great views of the ocean. The trees and greenery are seamlessly integrated with exhibits and walkways creating plenty of shade on sunny days.  It’s a quaint little place thats fun to visit and on the first Wednesday of every month it’s free for San Francisco residents.

We decided to take advantage of the free day this month and invited Alexis and Sophia to join us.  The weather was amazing, 70ish degrees (almost a record high for early February).

Jeffrey rode his bike down and met us at the entrance.

Our first stop was to see the art installation at the park entrance.  The year of the tiger is coming to a close and to celebrate they had huge oragami tigers.  Both Bramble and Sophia are tiger babies.


Our next stop was the Children’s Zoo.  The path wound around small enclosures with meerkats and prairie dogs

and the birds of prey at Hawk Hill.  One of the handlers was out with several rescued birds including a gorgeous eagle with only one wing (gun shot victim).

Our next stop was the barnyard.  I’m such a sucker for petting zoos and I LOVE hanging out with the goats… although they didn’t seem very impressed with me, probably because I didn’t buy any food for them.   Both Bramble and Sophie got to pet their first billy goat and sheep.

After washing our hands we moved on to see the rest of the park.  Highlights: the massive stone like rhino, the lazy but fascinating tigers and lions, the cute little penguins, the cool Cassawary, the funny oversized chimpanzees, the tiny little monkeys with white mustaches, the tall and flimsy giraffes, and the zebras…

After a couple hours both girls were getting hungry and the crowd was getting thicker so we decided to head to Java Beach for some lunch and then home for a nap.  It was a wonderful day!

xoxox -Sarah

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  1. that power writing in school must be working – you are a great writer! Loved seeing the girls and the adults enjoying the zoo.

  2. I had great teachers who laid down strong foundations =) Thank you Gma!

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