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  1. CRACKED BY INJUAN BLTools v2.0.0 DOWNLOAD LINK Just open BLTools v2.0.0.exe (the file is already patched) Version 2 update log *Added downloading Gmail and Yahoo emails * Fixed Tik-Tok as it stopped working. * Fixed Instagram * Fixed Twitter, now banned accounts are not displayed in the log. *Fixed Cryptotoker, now it checks 2 balances: 1 network balance, the second network token balance. *Fixed other little things.
  2. Modules: [0] Normal Edit [A] E:P to U:P [1] Strong Edit Custom Append [2] Extreme Edit [C] Password Length [3] Capitalize [D] Email Length [4] Decapitalize [E] Remove Custom [5] Randomize [F] Split Domain [6] Alphabetize [G] Remove Common [7] Domain Filter [H] Credits [8] Country Filter [9] U:P to E:P DOWNLOAD LINK
  3. [CRACKED BY INJUAN] SimpleChecker - log checker for mail services (Gmail/Yahoo/Outlook/etc.) DOWNLOAD LINK [*] Usage Open start.exe, it will automatically do everything by itself In the config, you can enable / disable services by setting 0 and 1, you can also specify the type of proxy (https/socks4) proxy format ip:port:login:pass Requests that need to be searched for in the mail are written in search.txt Logs are thrown into the logs folder In the configuration you can enable/disable services by setting 0 and 1, you can also specify the type of proxy (https/socks4) proxy format ip:port:login:pass We place searches for the mail in search.txt Logs in the logs folder p.s in the folder has hidden files temp checker, I hid them not to get in the way, move the entire folder, if hidden files are visible, make invisible
  4. SQLi Dumper v.10.5 Cracked by Angeal DOWNLOAD LINK Supported databases MySQL MS SQL Oracle Sybase PostgreSQL Operate Supported SQL injection Remote file inclusion Loading the include file XSS Completely translated into English Deutsch Persian Portuguese Russian French Download these required tools to avoid errors MS .NET Framework 4.6: [Hidden Content] MS Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 x86: [Hidden Content]
  5. Hellfire Yahoo Checker Virustotal DOWNLOAD LINK • Bots : 1 to 400 • Proxy : Free | Paid • Proxyless : no • Capture : No • Cpm : Fast 200 - 3k • Clean • Save Hits : Yes • Combo : mail | pass • Hits : 2FA / Valid • Private Api
  6. SilverBullet v1.1.3 🐞 The reported problems fixed ♨️Packages updated ✅ Added a new light-weight browser (Edge Chromium-based engine) DOWNLOAD LINK
  7. ReverseHoo ADVANCED Yahoo Checker ================================== 📝Features📝 • Private And Fresh Api's • Multi Threading System • Low CPU Usage • Captchaless Modules Credit : Reverser DOWNLOAD LINK
  8. Brute is the best L4 DoS tool in Python3. It will flood the victim's router with UDP packets, so even if there are no ports opened, the router will still be overwhelmed and slowed down. Brute allows you to DoS Fivem, Minecraft, or even normal servers. But it can also down a simple family network. Features + The only limit... is you! The faster your connection is, the more powerful will be the attack + Show informations about the attack in real time + Can down servers but also family networks Note: The Author of this tool is not responsible for your actions. Usage: [+] Enter the IP to Brutalize [+] Enter port [+] Bytes per packet [press enter for 1250] -> [+] Set The Threads [press enter for 100] DOWNLOAD LINK
  9. => Anti-public checker is to Filter the combolist From The public Lines and Save the private ones ============================ • Boots : 250 • Proxyless : yes • Capture : No • Cpm : Fast • Save Hits : Yes • Combo : mail:pass • Hits : Private Combo • Fast Api How to Use : Paste Your Combolist to combo.txt File And run The Checker and enjoy DOWNLOAD LINK
  10. Supported Wallets [*] MetaMask [*] Ronin [*] Phantom [*] Binance [*] cryptocurrency wallets in C, C++ Original thread: [Hidden Content] [*] Usage You open it, you import the folder with logs directly into the checker, and start checking DOWNLOAD LINK
  11. SeedWatcher CRACKED BY INJUAN [Hidden Content] Open Activator.exe FROM ADMIN, then open SeedWatcher.exe If it says "No connection", then the server has not been replaced, perhaps the antivirus is blocking the replacement of the hosts file, go manually along the path "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts" with a notepad from the admin, and add " koleoscrypto222.ru" (without quotes) DOWNLOAD LINK
  12. [+] Fixed Instagram [+] Fixed little things in Youtube,Steam,Roblox [+] Amazon now checks not orders but transactions. [+] Added BUFF163 (cookies must be fresh, because the session lives for 10 days +-) [+] Added Minecraft check. (beta version, check for skins will also be added in the next update) [+] Added EpicGames check (balance, orders, code for checking for skins), in the next update we will send the check to the bot automatically. [+] Telegram sorting has been changed in file sorting. Now saves only the profile folder instead of the entire log. [+] Requests for check emails were previously taken only from Gmail. therefore Yahoo search did not work correctly. Fixed. [+] Changed the check links of Crypto wallets, previously not all checks. DOWNLOAD LINK
  13. HeartSender V3 Cracked Bulk Mailing Software is always the requirement of marketers. Mass Email sending tool is used for sending information to boundless patrons in a flash. Features: * Bulletproof Letter Encryptions * Auto Tags List view * Bulk SMTP Checker * Html Letter Maker * Pre Header in Letter * Spam word Detector * Proxy Supported (SOCK4, SOCK5, PROXY) * Get Email From IMAP (Full Valid Emails) * Multiple Email Rotation, Form Email, Form Name Rotation DOWNLOAD LINK
  14. [*] Functions VK - votes, friends, link, administered groups BattleNet - games, purchases, keys, gifts, mail, 2fa YouTube - all channels, subscribers, monetization, 2fa, monetization, link Grabber - collection of Telegram and files by keywords Discord - collecting tokens, checking badges, payment systems, servers, spam CoinBase - balance, 2fa, the ability to disable 2fa, mail NetFlix - subscription, mail FreeBitcoin - balance HumbleBundle - mail, balance Kryptex - balance, mail Instagram - followers, mail, link, verification TikTok - followers, likes, link GooglePay - linked payment methods Google - mail Sorter - sorting material according to your settings Twitter - subscribers, friends, name, verification, 2fa, link Twitch - subscribers, Turbo, Prime, Bits, payment methods CryptoWallets - checking 30+ Exodus wallets, Electrum - BTC password, DOGE, LTC - Metamask, Ronin, BinanceChain balance are checked for password, balance, staking, tokens, hidden tokens, deposit, NFT, Axies Funpay - nickname, balance, transactions Steam - nickname, inventory value, balance, CSGO skins, knives , prime, 2fa, mail, link, payment method, phone, all inventory, auto-open inventory Amazon - payment methods Proton - 2fa, nickname, mail, phone · Roblox - robux, RAP, premium, nickname, mail, 2fa, pin, link, gamepass · Emails - search emails by Gmail, Yandex, MailRU, Yahoo · Facebook - name, balance, spent balance, tokens, payment methods, check all assets EpicGames - name, mail, skins, skins picture generation, level, level, seasons history, donations, bp, last game, 2fa BaseClipper - base generation by keywords and total base Genshin Impact - skins, weapons, region , achievements, active days, image generation with skins and weapons DOWNLOAD LINK
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