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  9. Update 3.8.6 1. Переделан чек booking. 2. Добавлена возможность чекать логи в подпапках. 3. Добавлена поддержка 6 новых форматов. 4. Исправлен экспорт с фильтром по странам. ______________________ 1. Redesigned booking checker. 2. Added the ability to check logs in subfolders. 3. Added support for 6 new formats. 4. Fixed export with filter by country.
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  11. New modules will be integrated once a week. The choice of the order of priority of modules for integration will be provided to users of the checker, by voting. To get a new version, contact the support. @Checker_Support Thank you for being with us!
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  13. Update 3.8.4 1. Обновлен чек писем гмейл. 2. Добавлены новые форматы дискорда. ______________ 1. Updated gmail search check. 2. Added new discord formats.
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