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  1. webshell access of indian .g0v site wich is in ip range of other indian .g0v sites and is in active directory (maybe can be exploited and going through active directory to have more domains) os command is available in webshell server is iis but also runs php for more info pm me on telegram: @Ata_Turk
  2. webshell access of more than 14 b00king & fly and travell agency of all countries origin of agency UAE and Canada for more info pm me on telegram : ata_turq only real buyers should message scammers and thiefs who wants to take free data to hack it by thelmselve please dont pm
  3. webshell access of thailand university and its subdomains databases also available with full personal info(more than 40,000) pm me on telegram :ata_turq
  4. big database of thailand university which contains email,address,phone,fullname,files and ..... pm me on telegram: ata_turq
  5. data including pass,port photo , vi,sa info ,schlb id photo , picture of face and full personal info (pdf) found on domain of Air transport and b00king about 7000 personal files(7 Gig) for more info and samples pm me on tel,gram : ata_turq
  6. webshell access of american famous News Agency pm me on telegram for more info :@ata_turq
  7. new offer for all of what i posted and some webshells only for 60% of last price (40% off) contact me on tel gram: Ata_Turq
  8. emirates travelling and booking site shell access(root) and databases dump pm me on telegram: @Ata_Turq
  9. webshell access of important pakistan site(dedicated) with root user access and ability to rdp and database of user pass address email tel ... pm on tel gram: @Ata_Turq
  10. about 60G files including mast.ers and studen.ts resume (pdf) and database dump with full personal info of universit.y of U^A^E contact me on te,legram:@Ata_Turq [Hidden Content]
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