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  1. null please delete this accidently posted 2 times
  2. ⭐All sales are final. No cancelation is accepted. Banks have 12 hour warranty. After the moment of the purchase, everything rests up to you. In case of any problem of banks, Me & Goldenaccounts is not responsible. By purchasing you agree to our sales Terms of service. Problems may occur, So for that, After purchase we give 12 hours of warranty to check. You have to let us know any problems within 12 hours or the replacement request will be denied. Within the 12 hours, Please change the Email's Password, Recovery, And Add 2FA, As we buy Mails bulk from third party, So It's not in our control if you don't take action and something happens. Change it & you will be fine. We are not responsible for any financial losses caused by this bank. Know what you are doing By Purchasing you Agree to our ToS : [Hidden Content]
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