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Found 86 results

  1. Download from here : [Hidden Content] leave a reaction and enjoy
  2. ⭐[Cracked] WOXY V5.1 PREMIUM [ Mail Access Checker]⭐ Latest Woxy version named Woxy 5.1. Woxy is a mail access checker that works with only mail access combolist so if you are using simple combo with this you won’t get a single hit. ✨INCLUDES✨ DOMAINS: 1,242,758 LISTS: 1,242,758 120k MAIL-ACCESS COMBO READY TO CHECK You need to be VIP, AQUA , NOVA or SUPREME
  3. MAIL ACCESS CHECKER BY ASTRO Always run it on rdp or sandbox for safe VT: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  4. Description: A simple IMAP mail client to access mail box of any domain made by OptimOS - Good to recover Accounts checked by Woxy - Very small size and portable software - View and open any email (via IMAP) - No Special configuration needed, just past your Email:Pass in the text box and go! - More than 1.1 Million World Wide Email Provider supported - Does not support email providers that needs an extra security check (like : gmail, outlook, yahoo) - Read-only : U can only read emails in the inbox. - You can add more Imap servers in config.cfg How to use? Open and put your Email:Pass of webmail Download Link 1: [Hidden Content] Download Link 2: [Hidden Content] Download Link 3: [Hidden Content] VirusTotal: [Hidden Content]
  5. ⭐[Cracked] WOXY V5.1 PREMIUM [ Mail Access Checker]⭐ Latest Woxy version named Woxy 5.1. Woxy is a mail access checker that works with only mail access combolist so if you are using simple combo with this you won’t get a single hit. ✨INCLUDES✨ DOMAINS: 1,242,758 LISTS: 1,242,758 120k MAIL-ACCESS COMBO READY TO CHECK You need to be VIP, AQUA , NOVA or SUPREME
  6. I will sell the current medical database of residents of Russia. About 150 million people A little information to understand. Since 2015, by order of the Ministry of Health, an electronic patient card has been developed and put into operation. This system allows the exchange of medical information about patients across the country, avoiding paper media. From anywhere in the country, you can get data about a patient in another part of the country. The system contains all information about the patient: passport data, place of work, insurance poles, SNILS, contact information (phone numbers, email, residential address), biometric data (if available)information about relatives, hospital visits, diagnoses, course of treatment, laboratory tests, CT scans, MRI, ultrasound and others research If a person has applied for help at least once after 2015 to a state hospital, then he is there, this also applies to foreign citizens. And this is more than 150 million people. Politicians, military, media personalities, their relatives and other people. The system consists of two circuits. Open and closed. Open is available to all citizens and is intended for online appointment of a person to a doctor. Private is accessible directly inside hospitals and its traffic is encrypted via HW monitors. You can't get there from outside. Only from the inside. Inside this circuit, medical personnel and all those involved work with the processing of confidential information. They keep electronic maps, surveillance histories, and everything else. I work inside one of these organizations and can provide access to a closed office, from there you can get data about each person. Passport data, contacts, place of work / study, pole, snils, biometric data (at the stage of implementation), visits to doctors, examinations of doctors, laboratory tests. If you do a one-time upload, it will contain the following fields: Unique identifier, Surname, First Name, Patronymic, Gender, Date of Birth, Age, Document (Passport, Insurance policy, Snils and others), Full information about the document (number, date of issue, etc.), Contacts (Phone numbers, email when availability), Biometric data (if available), Place of residence, Place of registration, Place of work or study. This system works 24\7: public hospitals, polyclinics, laboratories work constantly. People seek medical help. The data is constantly updated and is always up to date at the time of unloading. During the upload, I will create a separate file for each region. I do not sell regions separately. Or access to a virtual machine to constantly work with the system (it will be possible to make uploads yourself, I will provide support from my side for at least a year), or unloading in all regions. I sell everything at once. The price is 120 bitcoins. {Whoever finds or suggests a potential buyer, I will transfer 5 bitcoins after the sale} I know that this is a large amount, but if we take as a basis that there are 150 million people in Russia, then each questionnaire / dossier / information about a person will come out to almost 2 cents. For 2 cents, you get a surname, name, patronymic, passport data, insurance policy data, snils, address of residence, registration address, contacts (phone number, e-mail), all medical information from the start of the system (contacts to the hospital, anamnesis collected by a doctor , diagnoses, laboratory test results and a bunch of other goodies, innovations are introduced into the system every time, biometrics is on the way) You get a virtual machine in Russia, inside a secure network, with access to the system described above and other government resources. If you have a whole team, I can raise a terminal server (winows server 2008 - 2016) for multiple connections or deploy a virtual machine with your requirements on Hyper-v, with resources: 8 cores, 8 gb ram, 300 gb SSd. Or if you have a ready-made vhd or vhdx system image, I can mount it. I will demonstrate and show everything to potential buyers. The guarantor for the transaction is welcome. ---------- Then I was asked why such a price. I explain. According to Rosstat, the population of Russia is 145,478,097 people. The price of bitcoin is now $21,225. 120btc = $2,547,000 145,478,097 / 2,547,000 = 57 One dollar costs information about 57 people or 1.75 cents per person. For almost 2 cents, you get the following information about a person: Surname, First name, Patronymic, gender, date of birth, SNILS number, insurance policy number, information about the insurance policy, passport details, residential address, registration address, contact details (phone number, e-mail), place of work/study, biometric data (if available), when a person was ill, what he was ill with, when he went to the hospital, which hospital, who treated him, how they treated him, what tests were prescribed, the results of these tests. You can do a lot of things with this data, right? For pharmaceutical companies, this is an excellent base of potential customers and disease results. Fraudsters can draw documents, take loans for them, because they have passport data and snils (this is the second most important document, read on the Internet what it is for). Non-state insurance companies re-register citizens and receive payments from the state. And there are probably many more variations that can be done with all this. Now tell me, how much does such information cost in your country and who can provide it in such a volume?
  7. Havent saw it being uploaded here so here it is. Its a proxyless Checker means comcast and gmail wont work on it. Set threads to 500 for fast checking , 100 threads checks 30 per 5 second. Download Link: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  8. – Program features: * Brute force and verification of emails via IMAP / POP3 protocols. * Implemented different ways of checking letters: 1. In the body of the letter. 2. On the subject of the letter. 3. By sender + In the body of the letter. 4. By the sender + By the subject of the letter. 5. In the body + On the subject of the letter. 6. By the sender + In the body + By the subject of the letter. * Downloading letters in formats of the user’s choice. (TXT or HTML) * Implemented different ways to find servers for new domains: 1. By web configs. 2. Selection of subdomains for the host. 3. Search by domain records. 4. Selection of subdomains by domain records. * Additional check of letters for fake letters. (China / Poland) * Recheck IMAP errors in POP3. * Support for Socks4 and Socks5. * Supported languages RUS and ENG. Download [Hidden Content] Virustotal [Hidden Content]
  9. So far I have managed to find the most powerful and working mail checker for validity, I use the proxy itself, it does not require it 1. Run the program 2. Click on ENTER 3. Choose our combo and wait 4. the program itself creates a text document where it is MailAcces Download [Hidden Content] Virustotal [Hidden Content]
  10. You Know What To Do If You Want Me To Share More, Enjoy~ [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. webshell access of more than 14 b00king & fly and travell agency of all countries origin of agency UAE and Canada for more info pm me on telegram : ata_turq only real buyers should message scammers and thiefs who wants to take free data to hack it by thelmselve please dont pm
  12. [hide][Hidden Content]] LIKE THIS POST AND ENJOY!!!!
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