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Found 37 results

  1. ⭐ [LASTEST] VENOMRAT 5.0.4 | $550 RAT | HVNC | UAC BYPASS | MUCH MORE ⭐ Important data: -Some functions are not unlocked yet, we continue decrypting all the files, as we crack, we will update this Post. You need to be VIP, AQUA , NOVA or SUPREME
  2. DroidJack - Android Phone RAT The real price of this tool is 210$ RUN IT ON SANDBOXIE/VPS! VT:[Hidden Content] + Inbuilt APK Tool + File Voyager + SMS Trekker + Call Manager + Contacts Browser + Remote Eyes + Remote Ears + Browser + GPS Locator + Message Toaster + App Manager + Detailed Info + More [Hidden Content]
  3. Warzone RAT 3.03 CRACKED First of a long series! Uploading for FREE and for PUBLIC --> WARZONE RAT 3.03 ##Are you happy to be f*cked, my dear Solmyr? 🙂 Supported OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 - 32 bit and 64 bit Developed in C/C++ High Reliability Easy to Use Encrypted Communication Features Native, independent stub Stub of this RAT has been written in C++ which makes it independent from .NET Framework. Cookies Recovery Recover cookies from popular Chrome and Firefox in JSON format. Remote Desktop Control computers remotely at 60 FPS! Use mouse and keyboard to control remote computers. Remote Desktop feature is realized with a specially crafted VNC module. Hidden Remote Desktop - HRDP Control remote computers invisibly! HRDP module allows you to login to the remote machine without anyone knowing. You can open the browser even if it is currently opened on the main account. Privilege Escalation - UAC Bypass Elevate to Administrator with just 1 click. This feature has been tested and proven to work on Windows operating systems from Windows 7 to even the latest Windows 10. Remote WebCam If the remote computer has a webcam connected, you can view the stream live in the Remote WebCam module. Password Recovery Recover password from popular browsers and email clients in seconds! Grabs passwords from the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Epic, UC, QQ, Opera, Blisk, SRWare Iron, Brave, Vivaldi, Comodo Dragon, Torch, Slimjet, Cent Outlook, Thunderbird, Foxmail Enable Automatic Password Recovery to receive passwords without touching any buttons! File Manager Upload and Download files at high speed. You can also execute and delete files. Download & Execute Execute files on remote computers. Live Keylogger You can view the keys pressed on remote computer in real time. Offline Keylogger Enable Offline Keylogger to save keylogs all the time. Remote Shell Send commands to the remote computer's CMD. Process Manager View and kill processes using Process Manager. Reverse Proxy Browse the Internet with the remote computer's IP address! Automatic Tasks Automatic Tasks are executed when client connects to your WARZONE Server. Automatic Password Recovery Automatic HRDP installation and Exposure to WAN Automatic Download and Execute. Mass Execute Download and execute your file on all the connected clients with one click. Smart Updater You use Smart Updater to update your WARZONE RAT file on all the clients AND new clients until you disable the Smart Updater. Smart Updater is going to uninstall the old file only if the new file has been executed successfully AND if the new file has successfully connected to your WARZONE Server. HRDP WAN Direct Connection Expose HRDP to the Internet, WAN. You can connect directly to the public IP without reverse proxy. Persistence Persistence protects the process and the file. When process or file gets deleted, they will be recovered. Windows Defender Bypass WARZONE Client will add itself to exclusions once it executes. This will prevent Windows Defender from scanning your WARZONE Client. [Hidden Content]
  4. It is the best android rat ( remote administration tool ) to hack anyone's mobile or tablet remotely by using this software. It has many new and powerful features that can make it more powerful than other android rats. Download SpyNote 6.4 Fully Undetectable: [Hidden Content] It is a very fast working and good android rat ever that is used by hackers to remotely hack android mobiles by creating a payload and then spread it to their victims. ABOUT SPYNOTE V6 RAT It is an advanced version of android rat which is used for mobile phone hacking. Spy Note 6 client is made in Visual Basic.Net programming language and their server is written in Java programming language. Spynote 6 rat is a paid and very expensive android rat tool but here all credits go to the hacker " Scream " who cracked spy note v6 rat ( remote administration tool ) and provide us free to use and download. SpyNote 6.4 by scream works better than their official version. It works in stealth mode ( means when victims install your payload then the icon of your payload hides from the victim phone ) and your connection is made. People prefer spynote 6.4 fud rat as compared to all other android rats due to their performance or stability. It can handle up to thousands of active victims at a single time. Features Private binder Private socket Real-time screen monitor Merge with other apps Stealth mode Encrypted apps Encrypted connection Stable connection Port password Keylogger offline/online Phone settings Account manager Applications manager SMS manager Contacts manager Terminal Victim chat Get GPS location Browsers history Country flag Victim IP-address Watch live front/back camera Capture photos Captures videos Encrypt victim files Make a call from the victim device remotely Make an SMS from the victim device remotely Listen live through the victim's mic Flood/DDOS protection View all applications Fun Turn on-off victims wifi Vibrate victims phone Volume up or down remotely victim phone Device information Get victim phone details like ( IMEI, MAC, SIM details etc. ) Many more...
  5. What Is Remcos RAT Computer? It is the best lightweight remote administration tool for windows. You can hack and monitor anyone's windows device remotely through this rats hack program. It is developed in C++ and Delphi programming languages. It is very fast, secure and provides you high performance. Remcos RAT Cracked Download: [Hidden Content] Remcos remote access trojan (RAT) is a persistence rat software that means it is unstoppable. When your victim will try to end its payload from the task manager then It will start again automatically after some time in the background. You can bind its payload file with any other file by using this remote access tool rat. For example, you can bind its payload file with any other pdf file, word file, excel file, image, video, etc. After binding send, that payload bound file to your targeted victim. When your victim will install your file he will not doubt you that there is any virus bound inside that file. When he will run that bound file then remcos payload will start working in the background silently and the original file will preview and he will get hacked silently. You can change the registry settings of your hacked client's pc. It works on system startup. Remcos Professional RAT is cracked by a famous hacker Alcatraz3222. It has an ability that allows you to remotely execute any script in your hacked victim pc silently. You can execute any kind of javascript, batch script, etc. You can open any website URL in your all hacked victims pc in one click through this rat remote access tool. Features There are so many features in remcos rat cracked software and some of them are as follows below. Remotely controls computers worldwide Remote administration Remote support Remote surveillance Remote anti-theft Foxmail password recovery Remote proxy Location Operating system Active windows Proxy servers Automatic tasks Control center Agent builder Screen capture File manager Process manager Service manager Registry editor Installed programs Windows manager Clipboard manager Execute command Remote scripting Set wallpaper Power manager Webcam Microphone Keylogger Browser history Clear cookies Password recovery Socks proxy Upload Download Open web URL Surveillance Extra Fun functions Many more
  6. It is an advanced version of android RAT with a lot of powerful features. MobiHok v6 comes with a lot of new features that anybody has never seen before. I have provided the MobiHok v6 cracked version download link below. Download Mobihok RAT Latest Version Here : [Hidden Content] About Mobihok RAT Mobihok is a Remote access Trojan (RAT) is a malware program that incorporates a secondary passage for regulatory power over the objective PC. Rodents are normally downloaded undetectably with a client mentioned program -, for example, a game - or sent as an email connection. By utilizing this instrument we ready to hack any android telephone utilizing a solitary snap. To spy anyplace and anythings ( Camera Live, Record mic, record a call, Explore documents, and so on ). The product is ok for use on all sides (customer or client) just as liberated from mistakes that harm the gadgets. The MobiHok Rat is incredible and simple to utilize and stable, chips away at all variants of Android gadgets and permits you to spy anyplace (camera live, record mic, Explore documents, download documents, and so forth.), without the requirement for ROOT, for programming Use on all sides is protected. Features : Supported all versions of android Generates FUD payload Victim live screen recording streaming Bind payload with another apk Persistence payload Social Media phishing pages Stable connection Easy to use File manager SMS manager Calls manager Contacts manager Location manager Account manager Camera manager Live screenshot of victims Shell terminal Application Directly install any another apk on victims phone Microphone Keylogger Settings Victim Phone Many More... REQUIREMENTS 1. Microsoft Netframework 3.5 or 4.6.1 2. Java JDK or JRE SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY This RAT ( Remote Access Tool ) is compatible with all windows operating systems. We successfully tested this RAT on all windows. It works pretty nice on all operating systems. Windows 10 ( Recommended System ) Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows XP How To Install Mobihok RAT Latest Version Crack In Windows? First of all Turn Off your antivirus Download and extract zip file Now unzip it Turn off windows defender real-time protection Run Mobihok RAT FUD.exe Enjoy. Download Mobihok RAT v6 Latest Version Here : [Hidden Content]
  7. Mobihok V6 Is To spy anywhere and anythings ( Camera Live, Record mic, record a call, Explore files, etc ). The software is safe for use on all sides (client or user) as well as free of errors that damage the devices. Features Of MobiHok v6 RAT: Get pass facebook(virtual form) Get pass google(virtual form) Record phone calls or other calls like Skype, Messenger (Record mic) Android versions Works on all versions of Android devices and without need for a ROOT No root access required Install new APKs and update the malware Copy files from device to a computer View all messages on the device Listen to calls made on the device List all the contacts on the device Listen live or record audio from the device’s microphone Gain control of the camera on the device Get IMEI number, Wi-Fi MAC address, and cellphone carrier details Get the device’s last GPS location Make calls on the device ANY MANY MORE Features Operating Systems: The program is compatible with win 10 – win 8 – win 7 – win vista – win xp .. Requires Installation: Net framework 4.0 Compatible with systems: Android 10.0 Android 9.0 Android 8.0 Android 7.0 Android 6.0 Android 5.0 Android 4.0 Virus Total [Hidden Content] Like This Post and Enjoy !
  8. ⭐ [LASTEST][APRIL-2022] VENOMRAT 5.0.4 | $550 RAT | HVNC | UAC BYPASS | MUCH MORE ⭐ Important data: -Some functions are not unlocked yet, we continue decrypting all the files, as we crack, we will update this Post. You need to be VIP, AQUA , NOVA or SUPREME
  9. You can remotely control the desktop with your mouse and keyboard at 60 fps by using warzone cracked rat. You can control your victim pc remote invisible by using its HRDP ( Hidden Remote Desktop Protocol ) feature. It is the latest feature that you will see only in some new rats. HRDP feature allows you to control your victim remote desktop fully silently without knowing them. WarZone RAT Cracked Download Latest: [Hidden Content] It also comes with a UAC bypass feature that helps you to get admin permission of your victim pc without knowing them. Through this feature, your victim pc is fully in your hand and you can do anything with that pc. It allows you to watch the webcam of your victims remotely. You can also record live videos of your victim's webcam through this. You can also upload, download and execute any file in your victim's pc silently by using warzone rat cracked. You will also see the remote shell feature in this rat program that helps you to execute any command same as a command prompt. You can perform mass tasks on all connected clients in one click. Windows defender bypass feature helps you to prevent your payload from scanning and detecting. Features There are so many features in warzone rat cracked software and some of them are as follows below. Easy to use File manager Download Upload Execute Persistence Fast Stable Secure Mass execute Bypass windows defender HRDP Remote desktop VNC viewer Offline keylogger Online keylogger Microphone Password stealer Smart updater Reverse proxy Outlook password recovery Automatic tasks Process manager Remote shell Remote webcam Supports new browsers Hidden URL open Startup UAC bypass Client Ip Warzone rat crypter Operating system RAM CPU GPU Sockets settings Server settings Ngrok Native Foxmail password recovery
  10. Password: "SpyNote" Download: [Hidden Content]
  11. FULLY UNDETECTEBLE RAT/ENCRYPTER WITH CUSTOM KEY CREATION .[FOR WINDOWS] Undetectable Reverse shell & Xor encrypting with custom KEY(FUD Metasploit Rat) bypass Top Antivirus like BitDefender,Malwarebytes,Avast,ESET-NOD32,AVG,...(PYTHON 3). [Hidden Content] It is an exploiting tool which compiles a malware with famous payload, and then the compiled maware can be executed on Windows . it provides An Easy way to create Backdoors and Payload which can bypass TOP antivirus.
  12. You can fully control victim mobile remotely by using spymax v2.0 cracked rat. You can grab your victims all SMS in 1 click from this best android rat. You can grab your victim's mobiles all contacts list in 1 click. You can access your victim file manager remotely from this remote administration tool. You can download and upload any file on your victim's mobile remotely by using this rat. You can execute any file on your victim's pc. Download SpyMax v2.0 Here: [Hidden Content] You can install any app remotely in your victim's pc by using spymax 2.0 rat. You can get info about victims' mobile, their mobile model number, their mobile name, their mobile IMEI number, their mobile mac address, their cell phone number and etc many more. Spymax v2.0 Cracked comes with easy to use GUI interface. It has many more powerful features than other remote administrations tools. It is based on android devices version 4 to android devices version 9 oreo. It does not work smoothly on upper versions of android devices. It is an upgraded version of spymax series. You can download spymax for pc from below. It works on windows, not on android devices. Features Sms manager Screen capture Contacts manager Location manager GPS GSM Account manager Camera manager Front camera Back camera Shell terminal Phone Information Applications Fun Chat Microphone Call phone Clipboard Keylogger Server Ports Persistence Anti-sleep Icon Merge Doze Hide payload Bind payload Payload Melt Victim flag Settings Network Screenshot Fully license activated File manager Call manager Many more etc...
  13. It is the best remote administration tool for android devices. You can remotely control any android devices from anywhere in the world from spynote 4 cracked. Download Here : [Hidden Content] It a stable and very fast working RAT ( remote administration tool ) used by hackers to hack android devices from anywhere in the world. It is a paid RAT but I will provide you the download link cracked version of this rat which will bypass spynote 4 activation code About Spynote 4 Cracked Spy Note 4 is a paid hacking tool but it was cracked by a hacker ( scream ). All credits go to scream who cracked this paid rat for free for us. You can also build a custom APK or bind the payload to an already existing APK such as a game or social media app. Features Record calls Listen on microphone live View installed applications Device information Adress book Wifi list Read sms messages Global positioning system ( GPS ) Remote commands File manager Camera Fun panel Listen to phone surroundings Clipboard Send sms Remote keyboard Browser Process manager Download manager Control notifications Background screen Builder Box Compressed zipped folder Etc many more. System Test It is properly tested on all windows operating systems. It can work perfectly on all windows operating systems after fulfilling their requirements. Windows 10 ( Recommended System ) Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 7
  14. Content: BlueEagleSplitter xTSR v1.1.0.6 Crack by XSterix & 0xffe LeGendRat v1.9 By Ahmed Ibrahim LimeRat Release Last Version jrat-v5 SlayerRAT v0.7.2 By X-Slayer wiRAT v0.1.5F Shia Hacker School - Ratv 1.0 Quasar Golden Edition NajranRAT V1.3E SHIA CORE 7 Coringa-RAT v0.3 By SOOFT T HidraForceRAT v4.0 Ozone C++ NanoCore By Alcatraz3222 CometRat v0.1.4 888 Private Xyat - RAT V5.1 Beta SpectralRat HaoRat - By Noob Dos Scripts Wormins RAT 1.5.3 By Worm System XenaRat - TIPOTUFF Revenge-RAT v0.3 ImSecureRat DarkComet53 WARZONE 1.2 Cracked REMCOS v1.7 Professional Verci_Spy_Manager SpyNote V6.4 Link: [hide][Hidden Content]] Mirrors: [hide][Hidden Content]] Screenshots: Virus Total: [Hidden Content] I'm just reposting this tool that I found from other sources. For your safety, run it in a sandbox or RDP.
  15. Content: CinaRAT VirusRat v8.0 Beta InfinityRAT - Cracked DalethRAT 1.0 Nitr0 Z3us DiamondRAT WOLFRAT v2.1 Lime-Worm-0.5.8D Viral-Rat 1.0 By Sameed CobianRAT v1.0.40.7 LuxNETRAT v1.1.0.4 Cracked Vayne Rat RDP Multi Tool - _edBy [_PCR_] NingaliNET v1.1.0.0 - cracked XpertRAT v3.0.10 By Abronsius HichamRAT v0.9d Black Worm 6 EagleRAT v2.5 LuminosityLink+builder MegaRAT 1.5 Beta AsyncRat Release Last Version Rottie3RAT (compiled by arsium) PentagonRAT cybergate_v3.4.2.2 full private DarkTrack+Alien+4.1 Insidious SpyNote Cracked By B0u3Zizi ARES RAT V1.2.1 SpyMAX V2 Link: [hide][Hidden Content]] Mirror: [hide][Hidden Content]] Screenshots: Virus Total: [Hidden Content] I'm just reposting this tool that I found from other sources. For your safety, run it in a sandbox or RDP.
  16. I am proving to you this android rat software only for educational purposes. Don't use this android remote administration tool for illegal purposes. Use this on your own android devices. Download SpyNote V5 Here : [Hidden Content] All credits go to Scream hacker who can cracked spy note software for us. There are many new and powerful features added to this RAT. ABOUT SPYNOTE 5 SpyNote5 rat is the best android hacking tool as compare to all other android remote administration tools in the market. This android rat tool is safe for use on all sides (client or user) as well as free of errors that damage the devices. It provides us beautiful GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) environment which's why it is easy to use and control the android device remotely. You can live to monitor your victim screen by using this spy note 5 software. You can do many more things with your victim device by entering a single command from this tool. Features File manager Calls manager SMS manager Contacts manager Location manager Account manager Camera manager Audio recorder Shell terminal Applications Keylogger Settings Phone Client Chat Client name Country Flag Adress GPS Model Version & Api Level Monitor sms & calls Merge Hide Listen port Build client Settings Logs Etc many more. Android Support Level SpyNote V5.0 supports android 0 to android 7.1.1 version platform.
  17. Content: 9ASSAM CRYPT3R Advance Keylogger & Stealer annoncanon Apofis ARCANUS-master ATSCAN Aurora Worm v1 - Cracked by RoN1N Babylon RAT Black Worm Creator v2.1 Blues Port Scan Byte DOS v3.2 Cain - Password Recovery Utility Carder Logger Coded By Abracadabra CRYPT3R m0d By Dr.G3NIUS Dialupass Emisarry Keylogger F.B.I Hackhound Crypter HackTheWorld Hoic 1.1 Kasos Keylogger - Builder Multi Binder By Absolut njRAT v0.11G RapZo Logger v1.5_Public Edition Link: [hide][Hidden Content]] Mirror: [hide][Hidden Content]] Screenshots: Virus Total: [Hidden Content] I'm just reposting this tool that I found from other sources. For your safety, run it in a sandbox or RDP.
  18. About Droid Jack Android RAT What Is DroidJack RAT? It is the best android remote administration tool to monitor your android devices. You can hack anyone android device with droidjack apk worldwide. It allows you to fully control your hacked android devices remotely and monitor your victim activities through is a webcam. DroidJack Cracked RAT Download: [Hidden Content] DroidJack cracked rat also allows you to bind your payload app with any other social media app and with a game by using its binding feature. This will helps you to decrease the doubt ratio of your friends. Droidjack 4.4 allows you to open any link into your victim's mobile browser. Droid jack provides you secure and end-to-end encryption connection with your victim's device. You can write a message and send it to anyone remotely with this best android rat. It is powerful android trojan horse software with many amazing features. It allows you to hack the victim's device with one click all over the internet worldwide. Make sure your victim's device's internet must be on then the connection will be made otherwise not work. It is a paid android hacking tool that costs $210 for its license for 1 pc but I provided droidjack cracked download link free of cost below. It is a closed source android rat nowadays. You can easily get their source code on hacking forums. You can control up to multiple hacked android devices at a single time with droidjack v5 rat. Features There are so many features in droidjack cracked software and some of them are as following below. Easy to use File voyager SMS tracker Call manager Contacts browser Browser history App manager Gps locator Remote ear Remote eyes Country IP view Mac view Open browser link Message toaster Phone info Settings Reset dj server Reception Phone number Model number Manufacturer ID Theme Binder Upload Download Stable Fast speed Fully encrypted In-built apk tool Whatsapp reader Many more etc...
  19. Content: LeGendRat v1.9 By Ahmed Ibrahim.rar LimeRat Release Last Version.rar NajranRAT V1.3E.rar NanoCore Fixed Cracked By Alcatraz3222.rar Ozone C++.rar Quasar Golden Edition REMCOS v1.7 Professional.rar Revenge - RAT v 0.3.rar SHIA CORE 7.rar Shia Hacker School - Ratv 1.0.rar SlayerRAT v0.7.2 By X-Slayer.rar SpectralRat.rar SpyNote V6.4.rar Verci_Spy_Manager.rar WARZONE 1.2 Cracked.rar wiRAT v0.1.5F.rar Wormins RAT 1.5.3 By Worm System.rar XenaRat - TIPOTUFF.rar xTSR v1.1.0.6 Crack by XSterix & 0xffe.rar Xyat - RAT V5.1 Beta.rar 888 Private.rar BlueEagleSplitter.rar CometRat v0.1.4.rar Coringa - RAT v0.3 By SOOFT T.rar DarkComet53.rar HaoRat - By Noob Dos Scripts.rar HidraForceRAT v4.0.rar ImSecureRat.rar jrat-v5.rar Screenshots: Link: [hide][Hidden Content]] Mirror: [hide][Hidden Content]] Virus Total: [Hidden Content] I'm just reposting this tool that I found from other sources. For your safety, run it in a sandbox or RDP.
  20. It is the final and improved version of the revenge rat cracked series. It provides you a beautiful and professional-looking interface. It allows you to change its theme design according to your choice. It is easily customizable. Revenge RAT Final Cracked Version Download: [Hidden Content] It has come with so many powerful plugins that make your work very easy. You will see any kind of plugins like microphone plugin, password recovery plugins, remote webcam plugin, remote desktop plugin, and many more, etc. It also allows you to code your own custom plugin in this rat trojan software. It doesn't require physical access to your victim's device. Simply make a cracked revenge rat malware and send that malware to your targeted victim anywhere in the world. You will also see a USB spreader feature in this windows rat software that makes it better than other pc rats. It allows you to spreader your victim from pc to pc through pen drives. For example, you install your RevengeRAT payload on your friend's pc. When some insert his Pendrive in your friend's pc then your payload virus will automatically transfer his copy into his Pendrive. When he will insert back his Pendrive into his pc then your payload will also install on his pc, your virus will spread from pc to pc with the help of Pendrive through the revenge rat v0.3 usb spreader feature. Features GUI Easy to use Plugins Bugs fixed Improvements Thumbnails Clients map Clients logs Client builder Support multiple DNS Execute any script and file Open any URL Reverse proxy Make your own plugins Easily customizable Professional looking Stop and terminate background tasks Uninstall any program from victim's pc Change registry settings Persistence Auto-startup Build virus in any executable form Built-in icons Options Blacklist CPU RAM Country name Operating system WAN / LAN File manager Remote cam Remote webcam Microphone Download Upload Password stealer Change desktop wallpaper Many more.
  21. It has the UI like Njrat golden addition [hide][Hidden Content]] its cool asf it wasnt cracked by me I just happened to have this in my pc files!
  22. About XTRAT What Is Xtreme RAT Trojan? XTRAT stands for ( Xtreme RAT ). It is a powerful remote access trojan that attacked the United States of America, Israel, Syria, and also other midden eastern countries. It steals all information from the system silently. It was first discovered in 2012. You can fully control windows silently by using this remote access tool. Download Xtreme RAT Here [Hidden Content] You can download Xtreme RAT 3.7 latest from below. It has the ability to hack and control thousands of clients at a single time in their dashboard. XT RAT interface is very simple and user-friendly. You can use its keylogger feature to record the keystrokes of your hacked clients. By Xtreme rat trojan you can recover all system passwords and browser passwords in one click of your hacked clients. This remote access trojan has an ability that allows hackers to remotely control hacked user's windows desktops in real-time. You can control his mouse and keyboard with your mouse and keyboard remotely. Features Server Country IP Cam Options Languages Ping Version Information Password recovery Filemanager Upload & Download Execute any file Remote desktop Process manager Windows manager Regedit Service manager Active ports Devices list Remote shell Clipboard manager Audio capture Keylogger Chat Proxy Open Website Run command Auto-update Many more etc...
  23. [Hidden Content] RAT SSL: Working Hidden Browser: Working XMR Miner: Working hVNC: Semi-Working Password Recovery: Working Kill Regedit: Not working Process Protection: Working Keylogger: Working Extension Spoof: Not working
  24. It is the best remote administration tool for android devices. This hacking tool can help you remotely access anyone android device and you can remotely control their device by using this powerful mobile hacking software. Download SpyNote V5 Here : [Hidden Content] It is a stable and very good working remote administration tool for android devices used by hackers to hack people's cell phones by using this dangerous android rat. ABOUT SPYNOTE 5 It is a powerful android remote administration tool ( RAT ) to hack android devices remotely. You can hack android mobiles, tablets, and many other smartphones by using this best android rat tool. SpyNote 5 is a paid hacking ( RAT ) but I can give it to you free of cost. It is cracked by a famous hacker ( SCREAM ). All credits go to this hacker who cracked spy note and provide us spynote v5 free download link. Features File manager Calls manager SMS manager Contacts manager Location manager Account manager Camera manager Audio recorder Shell terminal Applications Keylogger Settings Phone Client Chat Client name Country Flag Adress GPS Model Version & Api Level Monitor sms & calls Merge Hide Listen port Build client Settings Logs Etc many more. Android Support Level SpyNote V5.0 supports android 0 to android 7.1.1 version platform.
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