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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. Features: - Create and start a Hotspot with custom name and password. - Create and start a Fake Hotspot with the name of a existing Hotspot to knock it out. - Shows all the Wifi Networks near you - Deletes records of used Wifi connections - Get the password of active Wifi Networks. Check Security > Key Content Trick: If a user want to create a fake hotspot or knock any router on the network just name the hotspot with the same SSID (Including Caps). Any device that tries to connect to the network with the other router password will have their authentication failed. Download: [Hidden Content] Virus Scan [Hidden Content]
  2. [CRACKED] Wifi Tester 2020 v1.5 [FRESH] INSTRUCTIONS [Hidden Content]
  3. Hello, everybody! I am going to show you a new method of wi-fi hacking and it works almost in 100% cases. I can ensure you that using this very method you will be able to hack 8 access points of 10. Let’s assume that there is an access point you want to hack. The first thing you need to find out is whether it is possible at all? Those of you who are familiar with this question know that collecting Handshake packages is not even half the battle. The main problem appears when you need to bruteforce these packages. So in order not to waste your time, nerves and money, I am going to show you the way you can find out whether it is possible to gain the password of either network in home conditions and if it worth it in principle. After receiving this information you can make a decision by your own. You can even make a kind of a competition with your friends to find out who can hack it first. Here Comes a Little Preface for Beginners Nowadays a password enumeration is the only way of selecting the key for a protected WPA/WPA2 network (and it works only in case you have WPA Handshake dump, which is broadcast when the client connects to the access point). Bruteforce can take you days, months and even years. At first some special dictionaries were used in order to increase the speed of password enumeration, a little bit later some rainbow tables were generated and then the utilities appeared that used NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream technologies to accelerate the process at the expense of the GPU. The tools that were used are aircrack-ng (dictionary attack), cowpatty (with a help of rainbow tables), pyrit (using a video card). It is really possible to select a simple key. But if the key is quite complicated then neither rainbow tables nor acceleration with a help of GPU will help you to bruteforce it. The main question lies in the following – how much time does it take? This process can be very slow and quite exhausted depending on the password complication, software you are using and your hardware. You will have to wait from several minutes to several years. It doesn’t matter what kind of expert you are, how many dictionaries you have and what soft you are using; the question is what hardware you have. And the problem is that it costs a lot of money. Don’t even try to do something if you have a plane laptop. A dual-core Intel processor with 2.8 GHz can check up to 500 passwords per second. It means that about 1.8 million passwords are generated per hour. But there are billions of options. Your results may differ, but the essence will not change. If you have a powerful personal computer with good video card, there is a chance for you but again that is not a fact. So, if the password of access point you chose consists of, according to the protocol, no less than 8 characters and all of them are numbers then you have an opportunity to hack it. But what if the password is more complicated and it has letters of upper and lower case? There can be also reserved characters. I ensure you that you can easily forget about hacking this access point. It will take you the whole life to do it. Now Let’s Get Down to Business Let’s presume that you have already collected Handshake files (you can easily find manuals on how to do it). So, let’s follow the link Recovering Wi-Fi passwords using handshake. Then we need to register by specifying any mail box. It is a necessary step because we will receive the information there. We drag our hccap, cap or hccapx file into specified form and then we can have a rest and drink a cup of tea. In case you receive a letter in 5-10 minutes, then the password is not complicated and you can try to bruteforce it by your own. If you receive the letter in 30 minutes, then it will take you a week to bruteforce it. If you receive the letter in hour, two or even more, you can easily forget about this access point. The essence lies in the following. I don’t dare say what hardware this website uses; it seems to me that these are the farms that were used for the mining, as the speed of password enumeration is 2 million passwords per hour!!! It is simply impossible to get such speed level at home. 8 access points of 10 were hacked with a help of this website. That’s all! I have given you all the information I wanted. And now it’s up to you whether bruteforce password by your own, or just give these guys 100 rubles and they will show you the password. The password was found
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