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SkyCheat Valorant Undetectable Legit/Rage hack

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On 4/28/2022 at 1:31 AM, MMeta said:

SkyCheat is a completely external (no injection) color detection based Free Valorant Color Aimbot Hack that is completely free to use and undetected You can at all times upgrade to VIP in MadloaderUI in order to gain access to new/additional features. In the meanwhile you can always change values using sliders or buttons included in Free version.

Want to outshoot your rivals in Valorant and show off to your friends? Our Free Valorant Color Aimbot Hack will give you the edge you need, giving you that satisfying headshot every time. No worries about anticheats as this is a completely external color detection based Valorant Color Aimbot, meaning we have a cheat that you won’t find anywhere else and 0% risk of getting caught (obviously apart from manual reports).


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SkyCheat is a standalone tool that does not need any external resources such as DLL or Client to work. This is an easy to use application, even for beginners and allows you to disable and enable the Aimbot from the mouse pointer at any time and it can be setup to work with the Triggerbot automatically. SkyCheat has the ability to bypass any Anti-Cheat in its current state as the Vanguard anti-cheat itself cannot detect it thanks to it’s external architecture. This can easily regain your valorant experience by allowing you to use aimbot with customized settings, and anything else you would like to change directly from the cheat’s menu itself, which looks great by the way.

Why is SkyCheat so Rare | Free Valorant Color Aimbot Hack


I am completely sure that this is not the first time that you have encountered a Free Valorant Cheat or Free Valorant Hack, or even an external hack like this one. But are you still using it? Of course not, because what every single Valorant hack is common is that they do not last, they do not keep working forever, they do not stay undetected. And why is that? Because eventually that cheat becomes outdated, the developer does not keep updating it since there is possible no reason for them to update it since it’s free.



And that is exactly why a cheat or a hack like this SkyCheat is so damn rare to find in the 

Hidden Content

 scene. As SkyCheats is completely free, it will always and stay that way. As long as Valorant is still a thing, you can keep using this cheat on your device and not even wait for the cheat to update for the 

Hidden Content

 as the cheat is completely external and only depends on detection pixel colors on your screen.


How to Use Sky Cheat | Free Valorant Color Aimbot Hack


Using the hack itself is fairly simple as it is just an executable based cheat does not require some injector for it to be injected into the game. To use the cheat there are some prerequisites but they are super easy to turn on / off and after that what is left is simply just running the cheat. Follow these steps that we have prepared for you and you should be good to go:

First of all make sure that;

  • Disable secure boot
  • Enable Hyper-V (Unfortunately not available in Windows 10 Home)
  • Disable virtualization

if you are encountering any issues with the cheat.

  1. First of all, click on the good ol’ download button and go on the download page
  2. Once the archive that the cheat is in has been downloaded, open the folder where it is
  3. Extract the archive’s contents using an archive extractor such as WINRAR or 7zip
  4. Launch Valorant if you haven’t already
  5. Open the folder where you have extracted the cheat and run it as administrator
  6. Enjoy and have fun climbing to radiant!

Side note: the cheat is tested in all Windows 10 version but hasn’t been tested yet on Windows 11


Props to the cheater mad community and ANIL



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