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Q ) What are the benefits of upgrading my account?
A ) Please read the benefits you can obtain here.


Q ) What payment methods are accepted?
A )  We currently accept Paypal, so for another payment method contact @Reytoro


Q ) How long does it take to receive my subscription?
A ) It is normally immediate
, but sometimes it takes 3 or 5 minutes, if after that time nothing happens, contact @Reytoro



Q ) How long does VIP last for? What about Aqua and Nova? 
A )  VIP lasts for 2 month (60 days) while AQUA and NOVA are lifetime subscriptions.


Q ) I paid for VIP and haven't received it yet.
A ) Wait 30 minutes after payment, if you still didn't receive it, send a PM to @Reytoro with title "VIP Payment" and include your User and the email used to pay.



Q ) Can i gift VIP, AQUA or NOVA to other members?


A) Yes of course, send a Pm to @Reytoro to process it quickly.



Q )  What happens if my payment is reversed double spent?
A )  The upgrade requires 1-3 confirmations on the blockchain, therefore you can't double spend the payment after you've received the upgrade. There's no way to perform this. If you are found abusing somehow else, your account will be permanently banned.


Q ) Can I get a refund?
A ) No, Sales are final and are non-refundable.



Q) "I want to buy Aqua, and I'm VIP already. Can I pay the difference (5 Euro)"?
A) No. All upgrades are unique products. To upgrade from Vip to Aqua, or from nothing to Aqua, you have to pay 10 Euro. If you want to upgrade to Nova from Aqua, you have to pay 15 Euro. 



Q) Can I have multiple upgrades at once?

A) No


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