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Referrals System [You can get AQUA free]

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Hello everyone, these days I have worked preparing the new Referrals System.
It is very easy to use, however, I will leave some gifs for help.

Using this system you can get AQUA for free, I explain the advantages using this system here.


* Each refeduted, 5 positive points will be added to your account, REMEMBER that to get to be a VIP for free you only have to have 50 Topics and 35 Positive Points !!

* If you get 15 Referrals you will automatically get the rank AQUA !!

*The REFERRER only count, when he register by your LINK!!

*You cannot use multiple accounts to use Referral Systems!!



Guide Referrals System:

-It is located in Control Panel -> Configuration ---> Referrals.





-You just have to add the Email or Emails to which you want to send the invitation, write your personalized message if you want and click Save.





-You can also share your own invitation link, to get the link we give Settings and copy the link provided by the system.



That's all, don't stop Cracking !!!


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