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Rules for posting

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1- The use of offensive words isn't allowed in the Post titles.

2- The use of pornographic sensitive material isn't allowed.

3- It isn't  allowed to share malicious files that damage or collect information.

4- Copying a Post without mentioning it's author is not allowed.

5- Double accounts aren't allowed (the system detects the IP and will block you forever).

6- HIDE code is require on all links or codes that we shared.


***Method 1***

We write  [hide ] (without in space) at the beginning and [/hide]  at the end of what we want to "HIDE". (links, image,guide,codes, etc)

Method guide


***Method 2***

Press HIDE button, paste our link, then SELECT our link, click on the "LINK" button and insert our URL in the space above.

Insert link


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